Corporate Values


is to add value

to our customers with our customer-oriented service concept,

to our employees with our modern and safe working environment,

to our future with the value we attach to the environment, and

to the future of our country's industry with our innovative production approach.



to establish sustainable relations in the sector with our superfine copper wire production, which is our target field of activity, 

to be the primary choice of our customers with our product diversity, high capacity and our products that provide added value, 

to be preferred by our employees with the value we attach to people, 

to reflect our sustainable and innovative practices to all of our stakeholders, and 

to become a well-known brand in the world, which our competitors take as a role model.


We are responsible: We undertake the leadership of the works we are responsible for and we manage the process in accordance with our common goal no matter what our role in the organization is.

We are reliable: We establish transparent and reliable communication with our customers, suppliers and employees.

We are flexible: We produce quick solutions with a proactive approach to the success of our customers in response to the changing customer demands.

We are innovative: We anticipate the potential future demands with our experience and expertise, and make useful innovations in our products and processes accordingly.

We are customer-oriented: We always consider the contributions we would make to our customers in every decision we take and in every change we make. We provide fast and effective solutions in response to every demand coming from our customers.

We are a team: We work with a team spirit with all units of our organization in accordance with our common goal.

We are environmentally conscious: We take our decisions in all of our processes by taking into account the risks that can occur in the environment, and this way we protect our future.