Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Acquiring the Qualified Human Resources

It is the responsibility of all managerial staff, and especially of the Human Resources Department, to choose the right candidates, whom would easily adapt to the company and the job, for the right positions by means of interviews conducted on the basis of competency.

In order to increase the horizontal and vertical career opportunities within the company, priority is given to the candidates applying from within the company for any new or old vacancies.

Maintaining the Principle of Fair Wages

The remuneration policies of our company are determined in the light of in-company balances, wage researches, individual performances and the economic data.

We aim to keep our employees' motivation levels constantly high. We implement an effective remuneration system that focuses on the responsibilities they assume, their competencies, educational levels and work experiences, and prioritizes the fairness, and competition with the market.

Enabling Continuous Development

We allocate resources every year in order to sustain the individual and technical development of the employees to be able to adapt to the developing and changing world.

In line with the principle of learning by practice, we follow each and every development under the supervision of the individuals and institutions that are expert in their fields.