Health Safety and Environmental Policy

As the Mega Metal family, we have created an occupational health and environmental policy that supports our goal of adding value to our future with the value we attach to the environment and providing a safe working environment for all our employees.

  • Our company aims to provide products and services, in accordance with legal regulations, without giving harm to the environment, with the goal of leaving a livable world to the future generations.
  • Our company aims to establish any plans in order to prevent any hazards that possess risks to harm the environment in line with the legal regulations.
  • Our company aims to provide a safe working environment to all its employees with its target of zero work accidents.
  • Our company aims to continue its trainings on the basis of continuous development principle in order for all of its employees to carry out their activities with the awareness of not harming the environment.
  • Our company aims to continuously update its emergency plans and equipment through testing them regularly.
  • Our company aims to properly and efficiently use the resources of our country, water and electricity in particular, and to reduce the consumption of natural resources as a result.

The success of our occupational health and environmental policy is the result of the co-operation of all the employees of our company with team spirit.