Taking people at our center, we act with a perspective that supports equality, cooperation and continuous development without discriminating between our employees.

In line with our company's goals, we select qualified manpower for the needs of today and the future. We stand at an equal distance to all candidates involved in the recruitment process. We use objective evaluation tools for this purpose. We pay attention to the suitability of the candidates' technical skills to our needs, the behavioral characteristics required by the task, and their compliance with our company's core competencies and values.
We invest in the technical and behavioral development of our employees so that our company can adapt to the ever-changing world conditions and maintain its competitive advantage. We make backup planning for critical positions.
A wage policy that is harmonized within the company and competitive in market conditions is applied. We use a job size measurement system based on the content of the job, independent of title and person. We closely monitor wage markets through national market surveys and apply a fair and competitive wage policy as a result of market analysis.
We utilize transparent, fair and objective evaluation tools and performance data to identify our employees who may be suitable for a higher position.
We appreciate our employees for their achievements, behaviors and efforts that support our company's goals and strategies, and reward them in order to increase their loyalty and motivation to the company.


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